Kauri Cliff Art Gallery makes sure each work of art is safely delivered to you in a custom designed and built crate. The crates come with handles, and each sculpture is packed internally with the latest in foam and strapping techniques, all to ensure a safe passage for your new artwork to your country. 

Customs clearance and insurance is also taken care of by Kauri Cliff Art Gallery, meaning that purchasing an artwork is hassle-free.
We can deliver to your door anywhere in the world within approx. 10 days from purchase date. We use MCL Packaging for packaging, and a world-class freight company to ship all our artworks.

Your artwork is in safe hands!


Recently we sent a sculpture on a voyage to its new home in England. Thanks to excellent packaging it was totally protected on the journey; and thanks to airfreight,
it got there in a jiffy.

The slideshow to the left shows an example of how much care we take with packaging for our international shipments, making sure it gets to its destination safely.

And against all odds, s
hould anything go wrong, you are fully insured.

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