The Coromandel has been Tony’s home for the past 45 years and has been a major influence in his exploration of sea life and the coastal landscape through his Kauri wood sculptures. Tony began sculpting in 1991 and has exhibited and won awards many times in galleries and art shows throughout New Zealand. Private collectors in Europe, America and Japan have acquired most of his work to date.

Tony is driven as an artist by his ability to see wood and stone in its raw form, and visualise the artwork within the piece. He derives great pleasure in enabling people to see the hidden beauty that lies there, particularly within native and exotic timbers.

His passion for nature and all it has to offer has inspired Tony into a life of sculpture/music and organic gardening for the last 20 years. Tony spends hours looking at the inside of the piece of wood before sculpting begins. The Kauri he loves to work with the most is the root systems and head wood.


Tony Howse is a dedicated conservationist


Combining his passion for Kauri, Native birds and conservation, Tony has dedicated himself to a conservation project - the Karangahake Native Bird Reserve. Tony was a recipient of the 2014 Pride of NZ award for his work establishing this reserve, and encouraging young people to participate in replanting it with native trees. Tony's tireless pest eradication efforts have been very successful, creating a burgeoning increase in the reserve's Native bird numbers.